Designed with a portable analyzer cholesterol working on iPhone

Mobile apps in the future will allow you to monitor the status of your health. Scientists at Cornell University have created a special apparatus for the iPhone, which measures the level of cholesterol in the blood, writes Remedium. The apparatus is a special nozzle on the iPhone, which with the help of optical power determines the level of cholesterol in the drop of the studied blood.

A drop is placed on a test strip and inserted into the apparatus. Strip pretreated with reagents. When mixed with blood, it turns a certain color, which is estimated by the application. The screen displays information about the cholesterol in a biological sample. In addition to cholesterol, the device is able to identify other indicators of blood.

To date, the scientists have a more complex task. They try to teach the device to determine the level of "bad" and "good" cholesterol. It is known that certain cholesterol needed by the body for its normal functioning.

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