Dermatologists have come up with a way to get rid of dry skin

Moisturizers help to slow the aging process of the skin. Dry skin cannot properly run antibacterial protection of the body, and the formation of the lipid layer is impaired.

Edition of The Times of India explains that the use of moisturizing agents leads to the "sealing" of the skin. This effect has, in particular, lanolin, paraffin, coconut oil, etc. As a result of their use of the skin, unfortunately, becomes fatty, but this is the only drawback.

In addition, moisturizers have softening properties, as in their composition contains glycolic acid or urea. In addition, experts say that they are beneficial to the epidermis, ridding his inner layers of keratin and protein, making the skin like silk.

Moisturizers may be classified into two categories: "oil in water" and "water in oil". Each individual chooses for himself a means of hydration. The form factor depends on the level of water or oil in the product.

According to experts in the field of dermatology, such means should be used at least twice a day.

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Moisturizing component is especially effective after a shower, when your skin does not have time to dry. For those who have a dry skin type, you may wish to apply moisturizer every two hours, use of Soaps and other corrosive substances should be excluded.

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