Dermatitis destroys fingerprints

People who suffer from dermatitis severe, cannot be identified by their fingerprints. These are the results of the study, which was jointly conducted by specialists from Malaysia and the UK. They studied the condition of 100 people, whose average age was 44 years. They all suffered from dermatitis, which has already hit the phalanx their fingers. Those fingerprints which have been distorted by hyperhidrosis palms, were eliminated from the group of study participants.

These patients were compared with a hundred other healthy people. The comparison criteria were the degree of severity of the disease, as well as fingerprint data.

48 percent of the participants of the first group suffered from contact dermatitis allergic nature. At 14 percent, was found atopic dermatitis, and 13% was detected unknown form of dermatitis. In 11 percent of the participants of the first group was discovered endogenous dermatitis. Each of them suffered from dermatitis, on average, 52 per month.

Was carried out the procedure of fingerprinting participants in both groups. 27 percent of patients with dermatitis fingerprints turned out fuzzy. The second group, the proportion of fuzzy fingerprints amounted to only 2 percent. Such a high rate in the first group is associated with absence and distortion capillary lines on the fingers of patients with dermatitis

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According to scientists, the inability to remove fingerprints may indicate dermatitis.

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