Deputies will discuss the ban TV advertising of dietary supplements

According to the news Agency REGNUM deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation will discuss the new draft Law "On advertising". Recently, it has been amended new additions member of the party "Fair Russia" Andrei Belyakova. One of the main proposals of the author was advertising all dietary supplements exclusively in the pharmaceutical and medical publications, as well as at various events organized in the framework of these industries. Andrey Belyakov concerned by the fact that in recent years greatly increased the cases of self-medication dietary supplements and as a result of poisoning among the population. Therefore, the bill included a provision stating that the advertising of these drugs in no case shall make it clear to the consumer that they are drugs.Note that additions to the law is made not for the first time. Previously, in 2009, the author of the legislative initiatives that have endured the first draft law for consideration by the state Duma deputies. However, the response was prepared some remarks, which, according to A. Belyakov, were taken into account in the current version of the bill.It should be noted that not only the faction "Fair Russia" has raised questions about the Supplements. The Ministry of health in January 2011, as previously and the Moscow police, made a proposal to ban the sale of dietary supplements in all establishments except pharmacies and specialized stores.

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