Depression is a serious psychological disorder. As a rule, the development of this condition is associated with stress or long-term traumatic situation. In some cases, there is a masking of depressive disorders under a bad mood or personality. In order to avoid severe consequences, it is necessary to define a causal factor in depression.

The emergence of depressive disorders does not depend on the age and social status. This phenomenon is due, primarily, with significant pressure on human values in modern society. Very often depression occurs because of the increased desire to aspects such as social welfare, professional success, visual appeal. The cause of depression can be and other factors. We are talking about the death of a loved one, family breakdown, serious illness, etc.

Sometimes the appearance of depression is not due to any obvious reason. According to scientists, in such cases, the metabolism of neurotransmitters.

Manifestations of emotional depression vary. These symptoms include anxiety, despair, low self-esteem. A person with depressive disorder constant fatigue, sadness.

The behavior of such a person is also changing. About depression evidenced by the loss of the ability to commit purposeful actions. In some cases, characterized by the emergence of attachment to alcohol and drugs.

It should be noted that patients with this disorder begin in a different way to think. The appearance of negativity towards yourself and focus on the bad sides of its existence. Such a patient difficult for independent decision making.

In addition to emotional changes, depression is characterized by somatic (physical) symptoms. As a rule, there is a disorder of sleep and wakefulness, as well as the occurrence of insomnia. You may complete disappearance of appetite or, on the contrary, its strengthening, which could lead to overeating. The patients complained of the appearance of constipation and pain in the stomach and heart. In some cases there is a reduction of the energy reserve of the body. This leads to rapid fatigue patients. Possible violations in the sexual sphere.

Depressive conditions are often the cause of alcoholism and drug abuse. This is due to the fact that alcohol and drugs help a person to achieve a false feeling of well-being. Also because of depression can appear different social phobia.

Without adequate treatment, depression can last a long time. The treatment consists of medication and psychotherapy. Selection of the antidepressant for each patient is individual. Typically, these patients are treated for a long time. Successful medical treatment involves strict adherence to the recommended mode of use of drugs.

The aim of psychotherapy is assistance in regulating their emotions. This method of treatment is the active participation of the patient and his willingness to talk about their difficulties.

To prevent the development of depression is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and proper mode of work and rest. Also important in the prevention of depressive disorders is to overcome stressful situations.

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