Depression - symptoms, treatment and prevention

Of medicine it is known that depression is accompanied by continuous mental depression, anguish and despair. Doctors define depression as a mental illness, treatment applied drugs, including location of a patient in a psychiatric hospital.

However, often in "everyday" understanding depression is associated with poor mood, which is not the person for a long time, that can cause a person to need to consult a psychologist. The reasons for this state can provide all kinds of stress, quarrels with friends and family, the difficulties of life. How to cope with depression without the intervention of medicine?

First, you should exercise. To do morning exercises, to arrange a jog, play outdoor games. No wonder they say: "Movement is life". During physical activity the body produces endorphins, the so-called "hormone of happiness". Because of this, every person wakes up "fighting" spirit.

Secondly, it is necessary to establish the exact cause of which arose depression. You cannot get rid of depression, not knowing what's causing it. You need to make a clear analysis of its internal state, if necessary to address for consultation to the psychologist. It may be that depression is caused by errors associated with the apparent insignificance. Should be more likely to remember your achievements and failures and failures to quickly forget.

Thirdly, "dullness and monotony of life dismal, and make boring days that can also cause depression. To avoid this, it is necessary to arrange a holiday for ourselves. The scale of this event is not important, the main thing to remember it and caused a pleasant experience. Sometimes, to get rid of depression, you just have to walk in the winter woods on skis or buy the hottest thing I had not bought it for reasons of expediency. You should not hide their feelings.

Fourth, to fight depression effectively suited the presence of any purpose with practical value. You need to set this goal for yourself and immerse yourself in its achievement. Victory in this field will greatly raise your self-esteem.

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You can, of course, to use their own ways to cope with depression. The main thing is not to think about the negative groans life and try to see around something positive.

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