Depression significantly reduces the life expectancy of a person

Depression is always linked to the nervous system and is characterized by irregularities in its functioning. Often it is a consequence of overexertion at work an irregular schedule, family problems and relationships. Depression can evolve into a chronic form and oppress the health of other organs and systems.

On the eve of Dutch scientists from the University medical center VU proved that the cells of the human body age faster under the influence of the negative effects of depression. The time span over which shortens the life, is about five-six years.

Data were obtained from the comparison of the structure of genes, more than 2.5 thousand volunteers. Scholars interested in the features of telomeres. This genetic structure is possible to judge the degree of aging of the organism and to determine the biological age. Among the participants of the experiment were healthy people and people with depression, to allow for a visual comparison of the obtained data.

The study showed that the telomeres of people in a constant state of depression were relatively shorter than in healthy people. The average length decreased 83-84 DNA bases.

In addition, researchers found that depression have a summing effect and can feel one another. That is why being in a depressed state so adversely affects the human body. Some influence on the aging of cells has a poor environment, Smoking, alcohol consumption and dynamiczny lifestyle. Just following simple rules about their health you can achieve good physical shape and good health.

It should be noted that the present study provides information that will help scientists to explain the phenomenon of an increased risk of developing diabetes type II, cancer and dementia in people who are constantly suffering from depression.

Recently, researchers conducted a study in a similar direction and proved that regular exercise can significantly improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression.

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