Depression reduces the intuitive ability of a person - the scientists

Researchers from the University of Hildesheim has proven that people with symptoms of depression worse intuition works. The data were confirmed in an experiment involving 29 patients with depression and 27 healthy people, writes Psych Central.

Scientists invited the volunteers to correlate three suggested words ("salt, "foam" and "deep") and quickly deliver the fourth word, combining all three terms. In our case, the correct response was considered to be the word "sea" or "ocean".

The results of the study, major differences in the number of correct answers in the two groups was not. However, patients with depression had more time thinking and gave less intuitive answers to questions.

Scientists came to the conclusion that a bad mood sets you on the analytical and thorough thinking, creative part of the mental activity reduces their activity. The discovery shows that people with depression is much more difficult to make decisions in real life.

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