Depression pupils due to music and drawing

Held at Boston College, research has shown that adolescents who have a creative mind, prone to depression more frequently than others. According to The Daily Mail, the first time scientists have found that classes in music, theatre circles or drawing and symptoms of mental disorders found in young people, linked.

In the study, researchers looked at data on extra-curricular activities for students every 2 years, starting in 2002 and ending in 2010. Experts were also asked questions related to visiting groups, more than 2 thousand people. To determine the degree of depression in adolescents were also asked about their emotional state and anxiety symptoms, such as loss of appetite, loss of concentration, lack of energy, insomnia.

It was found that girls often painted after school. They have more signs of depression. In General, those who drew showed a significant increase in the probability of depression. According to the study leader Laura young, if children are engaged in sports, they, on the contrary, symptoms of depression were found less frequently. But creative teenagers from sports aid was not received. Hence, the depression was not associated with lack of physical activity.

To a final conclusion about the causes of depression researchers have not reached. Presumably, creative adolescents is increasingly perceived information from the environment. This causes congestion and depression. On the other hand, with this quality a person can become an artist. Often introverts are talented teenagers.

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