Depression is three times increases the risk of stroke

Scientists brought together 17 research on depression and stroke, and has conducted an analysis of the intersecting points. The result is that they got the risk of stroke in patients with depression above three times at a certain stage of life.

The analysis was based on 17 studies covering more than 200 thousand people. People with depression was marked by 34 percent increase in the risk of cerebral catastrophe. Scientists also found that depression increases the risk of developing hypertension and diabetes, which are themselves risk factors.

"The results seem to be very convincing, but the depression increases the risk of stroke or these two pathological conditions of the same cause of the disease, it is important to understand. The fact remains, that in patients with depression disorders behavioral responses, and this leads to unhealthy diets, violations of the doctor's recommendations for the prevention of stroke and other ", said Maria Glymour, Professor, Harvard school of public health, which is an expert and did not participate in the study.

According to the magazine, "Reuters Health

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