Depression in young

If you feel anxiety or depression, then this is an indication that your body is struggling with stress. In the UK, approximately 20 percent of youth aged 16 to 24 years are experiencing significant mental health problems.

Teenagers and young people experience rapid changes in physiology and social structure - they develop sexuality, they learn to be friends, are experiencing stress due to exams, all of this can lead to psychological problems. If they are added to the family conflicts, severe loss of a loved one, poverty, emotional pressure, substance abuse, depression is almost guaranteed.

To get ahead, whether a person has depression, it is possible by basic features:

Kind of sad, low interest in everything that happens, loss of interest in previously important things.

Anxiety and anxiety.

Constantly critique themselves and others.

People sleeping much more or much less than before.

People prone to self-harm ( much drinking of alcohol, puts himself in a dangerous situation).

Anger and aggressiveness..

The person avoids social situations in College or at work.

In adolescence self-esteem is formed, if a young person does not feel stable love from others, then he may have self-destructive thoughts and feelings. If young people do not finds emotional refuge among family or other social circle, the risk of mental disorders is much higher in comparison with the socially protected people. The main changes in the environment ( moving from home to College, for example) to coincide with the age of early adulthood, in which young people have quite strong psychological burden.

If you are concerned about associated with mental illness symptoms, you may be difficult to ask for help. It is important to remember that for prevention and treatment of mental disorders, it is important to get help early.

First of all try to talk to someone you trust, if any.

Don't be afraid to consult a physician, the physician will not you to judge, and if necessary okay professional help.

Use the Internet to find out what will help you cope with depression.

There is a fundamental difference in the treatment of depression in young and elderly people. This difference is due to the fact that young there is no organic disease of the brain and therefore there is no need to use complex pharmacological treatment.

Due to several treatment methods:

1) Cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy and group psychotherapy.

2) In the short term can help antidepressants.

3) Family or creative therapy is the most mesna therapy for this disorder.

During treatment around the patient, it is important to create an atmosphere of demand and seed support. So do not hesitate to spend more time with friends, play soccer, attend dances, organize your schedule so that it brings you joy. Every day think of at least three of their traits or qualities that like myself. Every day find something amusing or funny in life, humor has a positive effect on physical and mental health.

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