Depression in old age is a sign of dementia

Scientists from the Medical center at Columbia University believe that depression in old age may be regarded as a symptom of dementia. They came to this opinion as the result of the research, 2000 the elderly. The results showed that depression that occur in old age, often accompanied by cognitive impairment and doubles the risk of developing senile dementia.

The stories of explorers, in old age people complain more than anything in the depression state and lapses in memory. These facts led them to the idea that memory problems caused by the depression.

According to neurologists, often, depression and memory loss in the elderly combined into one set of symptoms, while they should be evaluated separately. According to experts, depression is linked to lapses in memory, but at the same time, it has nothing to do with intellectual disabilities. This fact is very important to consider from this point of view, as there are cases when a patient aged 80 years come on reception to the doctor with complaints of depression status, without any serious reasons, such as death of a loved one or a similar loss. In this case, it can be assumed that the patient begins to lose intellectual function and to diagnose in this direction.

Earlier senile depression was regarded as a risk factor for senile dementia, but in no way as its symptom. This implies that depression in the elderly can be recognized as a possible diagnostic criterion, writes the journal "Archives of neurology".

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