Depression divorce catches only those in whom it was previously

Experts at the American University of Arizona believe that depression divorce can only occur at the group of people whom she had previously been diagnosed, says an article in Clinical Psychological Science. These are the conclusions of scientists studying this problem.

Was the analysis of the histories of men and women who underwent the procedure of divorce. It turned out that mental disorders of various forms were experienced only by those who wound were marked depression or other disorders of the nervous system. Those who are depressed until the divorce is not experienced, endured the procedure safer, only sometimes were marked apathy and lowering of mood over a long period. But these factors have nothing to do with depression.

David A. Sbarra believes that the obtained results are very important for practical psychology and psychiatry, they confirm the fact that the majority is able to endure a divorce, not faced with the depression, the chance that even in the distant future is very low.

It is worth Recalling that depression is called a mental disorder, which is characterized by a strong decrease in the mood, pathological apathy, inability to enjoy life, impaired thinking. Such people are constantly locked, cannot adequately perceive the world around us, giving the whole a negative connotation. Sometimes depression is the cause of the development of alcoholism or drug abuse. This pathology has little in common with the usual lower mood, a moment of sadness that can last for months or years and require the intervention of a physician with timely treatment.

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