Depression can cause a stroke in women

Scientists from the hospital. Bahama found that staying in depressed women face increased risk of stroke. Doctor of medical Sciences Kathryn Rexrode notes that the use of antidepressants, such as Prozac and zoloft are the signs of the depth of the depression. The study showed that people taking these drugs for depression the risk of stroke increases by 39 percent.

The study analyzed data on any aged 54 to 79 years in the period from 2000 to 2006. Every two years, the researchers tracked the symptoms of depression among women, as well as the level of treatment with antidepressants. At the beginning of the study in 22 percent of women were observed depression, and for six years was registered 1033 case of stroke.

In addition to the women in the depression stroke happened more often in female smokers and leading an inactive lifestyle, accompanied diseases and high body mass index.

Depression itself may not kill, but it stops the struggle of people for their health, on its soil develops obesity, diabetes, bad habits, dying will to an active lifestyle, all this can sooner or later lead to stroke.

Regardless of the mechanism of generation of stroke in women in depression, all doctors should regularly check the condition of the cardiovascular system in women, observed with psychological problems, send them to check cholesterol, blood pressure and help to quit the habit.

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