Depression can be overcome in two hours

According to some experts, depression is not a disease, but merely a bad mood. Nevertheless, physicians are actively seeking a means of combating this disease. For its treatment, as a rule, use tools that increase serotonin levels, which, in turn, responds in the body just for the mood.

Increasing the level of serotonin occurs within weeks and even months. A product such as ketamine, can reduce symptoms of depression for a few hours. However, it has side effects it causes hallucinations. American scientists from northwestern University have tested a similar tool, which is a symbolic name of GLYX-13. It acts on the same receptors as ketamine.

More than 13 thousand patients who do not respond to other treatments received GLYX-13. Within two hours the symptoms of depression disappeared without any side effects. The medicine somehow increases the communication between neurons, but how this occurs is not yet clear.

Gerard of Sanacore from Yale medical school assumes that people with depression in the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex, which may prevent the medicine. Estimated forecasts, the drug will hit the market by 2016.

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