Depression and the style of your life have the relationship

Maintain primitive lifestyle is the best remedy for a prolonged depression. Such a curious conclusion reached by Steven Ilardi Professor of psychology at the University of Kansas. This conclusion was obtained by studying the habits and lifestyle of our primitive ancestors.

The main culprit of the mental disorder of the person, as suggested by the scientist, is none other than the modern lifestyle. If a hundred years ago, depression was exposed to only 1 percent of the population today - every 5th person suffers from some form of depression.

Only half of the patients relieved by antidepressants. The rest, as suggested by the scientist, it can help habits of our ancestors.

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In particular, Professor Stephen Ilardi developed the following recommendations is to increase the consumption of omega-3, to actively participate in collective activities, to increase the amount of time communicating with people. And as often as possible and, most importantly longer to be in the sun, Hiking in the fresh air, to try to increase physical activity and to try to provide themselves with full and proper sleep, " writes the website

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