Depression and its rapid rejuvenation

Doctors began to notice that depression in our time affects not only adults, but also, as it turns out, teenagers, and younger children. In Britain every year the number of people aged less than 18 years of age is increasing, and they are directed to the treatment of depression. Pharmacists simultaneously noted that grows and the number of issued prescriptions for the drug Prozac (medicine for depression). Effective treatment of diseases of "civilization" by the British authorities in the near future will be allocated 22 million pounds.

Psychologists believe that such statistics increases with regular consistency, and this is due to the financial problems faced by parents of children sick with depression and also due to the use of children of drug users.

For this reason, every tenth child age category from 5 to 16 years of age suffering from clinical disorders. To change the current situation, experts believe, is possible thanks to the help of the introduction into the school system of psychological help.

A striking illustration of the above circumstances may be such a case, when the psychologist had to contact the parents of the baby, who was only 18 months. The baby had to be treated from a state of increased excitability and anxiety. The child was constant concern that the mother can leave him alone.

Joe Russell psychologist believes that this problem, the child began immediately after his birth. The main symptoms, confirming the anxiety is the tendency to emotional breakdown, as well as the cast and failure comes to hand toys or any objects.

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