Depression allows you to assess short periods of time

Revealed a new feature of the thinking of a person in depression. It turns out that people in this state can more accurately assess short periods of time, writes the journal PloS ONE.

Depression slows down time for a person like stretches, allowing you to give more accurate and objective assessment of the situation than those who have no more depression. Such phenomena have acquired the term "depressive realism".

If you compare the rate of one and the same factor of two people, one of which is depression, then look healthy person is more likely to be more like "looking through rose-colored glasses". It will blind eye to some imperfections, assessment of the situation will be overstated. People that are depressed, often focused on the period of time that allows them to ignore the many external factors, acquiring the Foundation for a clean and deeper thoughts. This was the conclusion Diana Kornbrot, University of Hertfordshire, UK.

The study consisted in monitoring 46 volunteers with depression, which more or less successfully dealt with it and kept the usual way of life. 24 people was defined low level depression, and 22 is high.

For the study we developed two types of tasks based on estimation of time intervals of short duration (up to one minute). The first task was to assess the duration of a sound signal. The second task was self-playing sounds of different duration. People with low levels of depression, inflated their estimates when performing the first task and the time intervals measured by them, were usually shorter than the original. People with high levels of depression in performing tasks more precisely.

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