Depressed mothers do not impact on mental health of her child

Children of mothers with a predisposition to depression are born completely normal. This is indicated by the results of scientific work of scientists from Basel University (Sweden).

"We are only beginning to understand what a child includes compensatory mechanisms, responding to problems that arose in the mother's body. Our work shows that psychological adverse conditions of pregnancy, can activate protective mechanisms in a child," says Gunther, Meinlschmidt, author of the study.

In their work the researchers conducted a complete physical examination and mental health 100 pregnant women. After the birth of a child surveyed were children. Doctors determined the level of stress the concentration of cortisol in saliva. Additionally, scientists conducted a genetic study determined the activity of the structures responsible for the formation of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness.

It turned out amazing. The more stress factors affecting the woman, the higher the chance that she will have a happy child. Writes about this edition of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

Note, the obtained results are preliminary. Further research is needed to establish the causes of the observed phenomenon.

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