Dependent social networks will be treated in Algeria

Depending on the social networks in the world are already saying, how about this disease. So, in Algeria opened the first on the African continent the clinic, where they will be treated dependent on Facebook. Now these clinics on the planet already has three: two are located in China and South Korea, says "Rosbalt".

In the Algiers clinic is staffed by physicians with experience in the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism. Especially for dependent social networks created a special program. Her goal is to ensure that patients were able to switch from virtual reality to real life offline.

According to experts, from social networks like Facebook have many similarities with cocaine. To such conclusion scientists from Norway. They conducted an experiment in which was attended by twenty people.

People were looking at the images and noted the ones that like button.

When on the monitor the photo has appeared, causing the Association with social networks, that the subjects increased pulse and observed a strong emotion.

When the researchers analysed how Facebook operates on the human brain, found that when people viewed his page in the social network, the majority showed signs of addiction. When people used the social network, his brain showed activity of the same neural centers that aktiviziruyutsya when taking cocaine.

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