Dependence on marijuana, there are scientists

Specialists from the General Hospital in Massachusetts denied the popular judgment: it turns out that the dependence on Smoking marijuana there. Approximately 40% of the fans of "weed" is formed drug addiction signs withdrawal (abstinence syndrome). Data provided by The Daily Mail.

Marijuana is the most popular Smoking drug in most countries. In Europe alone, there are 77 million people who has personally admitted that they had smoked marijuana at least once. The number of smokers is growing constantly. Some countries can not resist and gradually legalizovyvaet drug, equating it with tobacco and alcohol.

In the present study involved 127 adolescents. Age of the subjects ranged from 14 to 19 years. 90 people have said that often use marijuana as a drug. Indicators of the health of adolescents assessed at the time of the first survey, 3 months and 12 months. In 84% showed a dependence on marijuana. Many noted the need to increase the dosage because razbivsheysya tolerance. 40% experienced a withdrawal syndrome.

Teens with abstinence syndrome significantly more likely to have experienced problems in school, at work, had financial difficulties, difficulties in communicating with their peers. The recognition of drug-addicted little extra help adolescents to cope with regular Smoking marijuana.

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