Dependence on cosmetic affects half the women of the Earth

A study conducted by experts from Harris Interactive (USA) for the organization of the Renfrew Center Foundation, it is shown that almost 50 percent of women are dissatisfied with how their face looks without makeup, writes The Daily Mail.

In their view, the face without makeup was associated with unattractiveness, and most women simply refused to see itself without "fighting coloring". From 1292 women interviewed, 44% said firmly, giving a bad rating if they have no makeup. Moreover, 16% of them believe that without makeup they are unattractive, 14 percent felt the feeling that they are "stripped" and another 14% on the street leaving unpainted shy.

The makeup was favored by 48% of respondents, 32 percent of women felt more comfortable with makeup on her face. Among the respondents, 44 percent used makeup to hide the existing flaws. The quarter began to apply cosmetic products at the age of about 13 years and under.

Experts believe that the obtained results indicate an unhealthy attitude towards cosmetic products in society. Plus, such a behavioral situation may be the first step to the most severe problems, including an eating disorder character. Adrian rösler of the Renfrew Center Foundation believes that for women modern cosmetics is a as a means of self-defense, which hides the dissatisfaction and low self-esteem.

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