Deodorants in the form of a spray hazardous to health

Half of the children aged 11 years use deodorant in spray form, not thinking about the harm caused by improper use, reports The Daily Mail. Most of these deodorants designed for use by persons 13 to 18 years, or older people.

Doctors warn that many deodorants contain substances that cause allergic reactions that can develop into asthma, dermatitis, difficulty breathing, persistent headaches and nausea. In extreme cases, may cause death or disease transition into a more severe form.

The instruction manual says that the deodorant should be used in a well ventilated area. Despite this, the heroes commercials demonstrate how you apply the spray from head to toe while in the bathroom, which according to the instructions do not prevent development of the effect of the gas chamber.

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There are already examples of fatal accidents involving teenagers. 16-year-old boy Jonathan Capwell died in the bathroom of a heart attack. At autopsy, blood was found lethal levels of propane and butane, which exceeded the acceptable rate ten times. These gases are found in most deodorants, investigators believe that they have accumulated in the body of a boy over time. The young man used the deodorant not on purpose, put it is not the whole body, including hair. In the result, the inhaled oxygen was constantly full of toxic gases, which led to suffocation and heart attack. Recommendation of doctors to use the opportunity roller antiperspirants will protect Teens from poisoning and protect from excessive sweating as well as deodorants sprays.

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