Dentists will treat the teeth of electric shock

Dentists predict that in the near future dental treatment will be less painful procedure. Scientists have developed a new method of restoring damaged teeth without drilling and fillings. The first tests of experts from king's College London has already held, writes The Independent. Natural regeneration of bone tissue is triggered by an electric current.

Teeth in performing its functions lose minerals formed in the cavity, passing into decay. To stop the pathological process by using enhanced remineralization. The technology requires additional research and development, researchers will require approximately three years.

Dentists recognize, modern methods of treatment of caries imperfect. The doctor only removes the affected area of the tooth and replaces it with an artificial material. Sooner or later the seal roll and the size of the cavity increases. Then you need a tooth extraction.

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Remineralization is a completely painless procedure. When the mass used, it will be cheaper fillings. In addition, using this technique, you can whiten your teeth. Caries is the most common on earth disease. Over time, tooth enamel becomes thinner, and the bacteria of the oral cavity provoke inflammation and destruction of the tooth. Scientists plan to conduct together with the current calcium and phosphorus, which will strengthen the tissues and protect them from decay.

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