Dentists: the development of caries in children depends on the hygienic behaviour of the parents

Brazilian researchers conducted an interesting study that examined the impact of hygienic behaviour of the parents on the dental health of their child and came to the conclusion that the dental health of children is significantly depends on the hygiene of their parents.

During National infant immunization researchers proactively 608 parents, to determine the correctness of hygienic behavior towards oral health. The questionnaire assessed the frequency, the duration of tooth brushing, frequency of replacement toothbrush and be bound by the procedure. After the parents answered questions, dentists identified relevant to the oral health of parents and compared the obtained data with the dental cards of children's health.

As it turned out, health, smile of a child depends on the parents ' attitude towards oral hygiene. Children learn from their parents not only manner of social behavior, but also the principles of hygienic behavior.

This study speaks to the need for the implementation of sanitary-educational work not only among children but also among their parents.

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