Dentists: osteoporosis satellite periodontal disease

Osteoporosis leads to deterioration of health of the gums and contributes to the exacerbation of periodontal disease, this is the conclusion of dentists, conducting clinical research.

The study included women with generalized form of periodontitis, aged 45 to 70 years. The results were based on data from x-ray index of gingivitis and clinical examination by a dentist: bleeding after probing, clinical loss of attachment of the gums, deep pockets. In addition, it took into account risk factors - menopause and Smoking.

In patients with osteoporosis dentists identified more pronounced clinical manifestations of periodontal disease than those with normal bone mineral density. With concomitant osteoporosis was determined by the great recession, more pronounced loss of attachment of the gums to the tooth row.

The findings obtained as a result of this observation, indicate the need for prevention of osteoporosis in women, especially during menopause, to reduce the symptoms of periodontal disease and prevent tooth loss. Bone mineral density may be a marker of the prospects for the development of periodontal disease and in detecting impaired mineralization requires regular preventive measures to preserve the health of the gums and the integrity of the dentition.

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