Dentists: Obesity does not affect the progression of periodontal disease

Obesity is a metabolic pathology, which violated for many processes in the body. It is believed that excess weight is a factor in the progression of periodontal disease. Dentistry, University of Ankara decided to clinically study the impact of obesity on progression of chronic inflammation in the gums (periodontal disease.

For the study, researchers conducted a clinical observation of patients with periodontal disease. This study included 24 patients with obesity and 24 patients without obesity, all patients had been previously diagnosed with periodontal disease. The start of the observation was the beginning of the treatment of periodontitis.

In addition to the functional condition of the gums dentists watched inflammatory markers, cholesterol and its fractions, glucose, necrosis factors. The assessment was made to follow-up after 3 months.

Findings were unexpected - obesity did not affect the outcome of treatment of patients, all dental anthropometric data were identical in the two groups.

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Professor Jam Gurgan noted that: "in Addition to changing the metabolism of cholesterol and glucose in these two groups did not reveal any distinguishing features that would be exacerbated by the dynamics of the treatment of periodontal disease".

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