Dentists make a serious mistake in the treatment of dental caries

Caries is a problem faced by most people. The treatment of this disease are dentists. They drill a cavity in the tooth, removing dead, diseased masses and lay in the hole seal, which is a means of treatment. Thus, according to scientists, dentists often make a serious mistake. The case size of the drilled hole is in most cases obtained unreasonably large. This occurs due to the optical illusion during the Commission of manipulation, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Scientists as evidence lead the study, published in Plos One. He was selected eight dentists from New Zealand, which was proposed under the control of the cure 21 tooth surface caries.

The study showed that all dentists did too large cavity for the treatment of caries. Such amounts were not necessary to get rid of pathology. Experts in the field of visual perception believe that the case in the illusion, which is surrounded by a cavity larger scope in the form of the tooth.

Doctors agree that a large cavity increases the risk of cracks in the tooth. Then will only implant and prosthesis. This discovery should adopt all the doctors, dentists, scientists believe. You just vymeryat area drilling, not relying on their eyes.

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