Dentists: for kids best electric toothbrush

Plaque long been regarded by dentists as one of the causes of dental caries and inflammatory diseases of the gums. Dentists conducted a study on teenagers and once again convinced of the necessity of qualitative and systematic cleaning of teeth to remove plaque from the enamel and determined the best tools for this.

Plaque is a soft sediments in the form of biofilms attached to the tooth enamel. This film is able to reduce acidity on the surface of the teeth, causing damage to the enamel and caries development in addition to plaque bacteria grow well, the activity of which may lead to inflammation of the gums.

Control over the formation of dental plaque is achieved by mechanical brushing or chemical means. Despite the large number of mouth rinses for chemical control of the formation of plaque - mechanical cleaning of the teeth is the primary method of prevention of dental diseases.

Dentists compared the effectiveness of mechanical cleaning of the teeth with a regular toothbrush and electric, and also took into account the regularity of dental hygiene. The conclusions are based on observation of 200 school-age children from 6 to 13 years which was established 12-week observation.

Observation has shown that there is a direct relationship between the quality of dental hygiene and the prevalence of plaque. And conventional and electric toothbrush reduce the accumulation of plaque, but in different degrees. Electric toothbrush better cope with the formations on the enamel. The regularity and quality of oral hygiene also has an impact on the results and if I can summarize in one line, the degree of efficiency can be arranged in descending order as follows: regular cleaning electric toothbrush - no regular cleaning electric brush - regular cleaning of conventional toothbrush - no regular cleaning regular brush.

Surprisingly, in the earlier research done on adults showed the same efficiency electronic and conventional toothbrush. These results in children may be associated with greater motivation to brush your teeth electric toothbrush.

We remind you that the use of elektricheskoi toothbrush in children is possible only with 5 years.

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