Dentistry: gum disease can be avoided in the elderly

The elderly and persons with disabilities have an increased risk of development of diseases of the oral cavity in comparison with healthy people. Dentists decided to study this risk increase and develop recommendations for the prevention of diseases of the mouth in the elderly.

Dentists examined 151 elderly people with moderate needs in-home care and 151 of the person with acute care needs. Data on concomitant somatic diseases and social life were collected with questionnaires, and the prevalence of caries, lesions of the gums with the clinical examination.

In the result, it was determined that people with acute needs in third-party servicing the bowl met caries and periodontal disease in comparison with a group of moderate care needs. Among the factors that increase the risk of dental diseases of the oral cavity defined: decreased secretion of saliva as a result of atrophy of the salivary glands expressed plaque on enamel and remnants of food in Mizuno interval, that is, unsatisfactory mechanical brushing.

Proper and regular oral hygiene was associated with less development of plaque and the oral disease in the elderly, regardless of the severity of needs outside help. However, older people with moderate needs are often qualitatively carry out personal care, suggesting the need for education of the elderly population to the rules of maintenance of the oral cavity and in some cases, for preventive manipulations should seek professional help dentists

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