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The beauty and health of the teeth support is not so easy. What was the use of painful procedures, the roar of the drill, imperfect painkillers. But it was in the past. Now new technology to treat teeth not only painless, but you can say with comfort. One of such methods is laser dentistry.

Attempts to introduce the miracle-ray was carried out since the mid 60-ies of the last century, but effective methods appeared only in the last decade.

What is laser dentistry?

Quantum generator (so called scientific laser) - a specialized device that produces a light beam in a narrow range of the electromagnetic spectrum. There are several types of generators: diode, carbon dioxide, argon and others. All they offer us the opportunity to treat their teeth without contact with the tool that allows you to make a unique procedure. You will feel no pain, minimal invasiveness, excessive bleeding will not be, infection of the oral cavity excluded. Besides allergies can be quiet - no anesthetics if this procedure is not necessary, and therefore allergic reactions will not occur. The miracle, not the method! But, as everywhere, every medal has two sides. In order not to introduce readers astray consider both.

The pros and cons of laser dentistry

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• No damage! Laser - precision instrument, modern hearing AIDS have adjustable power and intensity.

• No infections! Due to the lack of contact of the tool with the oral cavity and the probability of infection is zero.

• Allergies impossible! No drugs - no reaction.

• Caries in the past! Because the laser kills bacteria - caries does not develop.

• No discomfort. The laser does not chip the enamel, so it is not necessary to grind the sharp edges. Blood also will not, because, working in the oral cavity, the laser beam cauterizes all the affected capillaries.

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• Unfortunately, most of the devices are still not perfect and removal of dentin affected by caries, many professionals still use the drill.

• Due to the high cost of the equipment and training to resort to

features laser is expensive.

• Laser power causes heating of the tissue of the tooth, which reduces the coupling between the tooth and the filling. Its durability has been questioned.

• The complexity of the work is required dressing dark glasses. They, in turn, significantly reduce the clarity of vision problems and increase the risk of inaccuracies.

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To treat or not to treat? What method? After reading the article and carefully weighing all the "pros" and "cons" you will solve your dilemma! Good luck!

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