Dental injuries - types andconsequences

Tooth injury is the destruction of the tooth or tissue damage near him. Such injuries occur due to gross mechanical impact.

Modern specialists distinguish three main types of dental injuries:


- injury;

- fracture.

In addition, injuries can be both chronic and acute. Acute injury is an injury, is a mechanical effect, which has led to the rapid destruction of the integrity of the tooth. Chronic is damage to the tooth, which usually occurs after a certain time, but the reason becomes regular and prolonged exposure to mechanical force. The tooth restoration is the main question that interests many people. Let's look at each type of injury.


When the injury is the location of the tooth is not changed, he is whole. But the tissues that surround it, edematous. In the first hours after the injury the person feels severe pain. Often injuries are accompanied by rupture of the vascular bundle. Painful sensations then will be joined by bleeding in the pulp. To diagnose injury within 3 days after injury. The treatment of this problem is simple. It is necessary to create conditions for peace tooth. From power off solid food.


Often under the influence of a crude mechanical strength of the tooth changes its position in the socket. This process is called a dislocation of the tooth. This occurs when the bone tissue of the tooth is weakened. In this case, the shift of the tooth can occur even during a meal. When dislocations often occur and damage the integrity of the gums.

Dislocation is accompanied by painful sensations not only in the specific area of the tooth, but also in the entire series. Before you start treatment, the physician examines the patient's teeth and make a decision whether or not to save a damaged tooth. The tooth can be left, if even half of the tooth root was not damaged.


The fracture is atlam korinkova part of the tooth due to mechanical impact. Restoration of crowns you can spend several ways. It does not provide any complexity.

But if, as was mentioned pulp, this condition is quite serious. In this case, you should defaultroute tooth, then the channel is sealed and restore the shape of the crown.

There are cases of fractures not crowns, and tooth root. Almost any root fracture ends with the destruction of the latter. The exception is the cross. A fracture that occurs in the middle of the root or above. In this case, fragments of the root can be connected using pins.

Watch your security, then you don't have to deal with such injuries.

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