Demographic indicators in Russia grow - statistics

According to the latest data, demographic indicators in Russia have a tendency to grow. The Ministry of health reports that in 2013, for the first time recently registered a positive trend. Natural population growth, for example, amounted to 24 thousand people. For comparison, in 2012 it was noted the natural decline of 2.5 thousand people.

In addition, for six months has increased the average life expectancy - up to 70.8 years. The average life expectancy for men has grown stronger. Pleased with the fact that 2013 has died 34.5 thousand less compared to the data from 2012. However, children born 6.3 thousand less, according to the Ministry of health.

Decreased in 2013, mortality from diseases of cardiovascular system, circulatory diseases (4.5%), the incidence of tuberculosis fell by 10%, decreased the number of suicides, homicides and accidental poisoning by alcohol.

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