Dementia can begin as early as the time of fetal development

Scientists at Cambridge University published a study showing fetal risk of dementia. Experts came to the conclusion that it can cause mutations arising in DNA during the process of foetal brain development.

On the basis of scientific research was the analysis of 173 samples of brain tissue taken from 54 persons. With 14 of the subjects had no health problems, 20 were diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and other 20 people attended dementia with Lewy bodies. A study of 102 genes, including genes associated with the risk of dementia, revealed the presence of a spontaneous (not genetic) mutations, 27 of the participants of the experiment. The changes in DNA were detected both healthy and sick people that has led to the conclusion that spontaneous mutations can occur even in people without any obvious illness. This fact largely explains why the medicine is not there are similar cases of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Scientists have also come to the opinion that is formed at the embryonic stage mutations may in the future be accompanied by a number of different symptoms. Since only 5% of dementias are associated with genetics, their vast majority, probably caused by spontaneous mutations.

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