Delusional state and Parkinson's disease can be kept under control

Parkinson's disease is one of the most mysterious of pathologies associated with the nervous system. To date, scientists have not been able to establish the exact etiology of the disease. There are only assumptions and theories about the precipitating factors and mechanisms of development of pathology. One of the manifestations of the disease - nonsense, can be kept under control, scientists believe. Hallucinations and delusional state can successfully overcome, according to The Irish Medical News. This will help the drug Pimavanserin. This drug belongs to the group mediumenergy compounds and helps to make life easier parkinsonism patients and people with dementia.

Delusional States are the most common cause of falling into a psychiatric hospital. Most treatment methods such States are associated with additional risk for the human body and was quite dangerous. However, the new method allows to deal with such cases without the need for hospitalization. Simply accept the tool.

The drug works by blocking serotonin receptors, which are located in the cortex of the brain. This structure is responsible for the formation of delusional States and hallucinations. At this point, the drug has already passed the test on 199 patients and confirmed its effectiveness. The experiment was to receive a certain dose pimavanserin one group. The second group of patients received a "dummy".

At the end of the study, the group treated pimavanserin had a result in the treatment of diseases three times better than the control group. In addition, the drug was restored circadian rhythms, improved sleep quality, and acted generally as a sedative.

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