Delicious drinks can help prevent kidney disease – scientists

Substances included in the composition of green tea and cocoa have on the kidneys positive effect. About it tell results of research of scientists from the University of Campinas. Active compounds in the beverage slow down the process of destruction of the podocytes, the cells that determine the rate of filtration of albumin in the urine, tells La Prensasa.

Most diabetics suffer from increased secretion of albumin into the urine. This causes a problem with the kidneys in the form of kidney failure and increased urea in the blood. Contained in the drinks and another useful compound is theobromine. This alkaloid is similar to caffeine, it activates the nervous system.

Experiments on rats prove that regular consumption of green tea reduces the chance of developing diabetes. In the leaves of green tea, the researchers found, contains many antioxidants that prevent cell death and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

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