Delay hormones of sleep causes the clock for daylight saving time

Believed by scientists from the University of Surrey (UK), the clock for daylight saving time, in most cases, a very negative impact on human health. On the basis of the organized them study, transformation of time inevitably entails consequences, many times worse than those that can be observed when changing the time zone.

The thing is that the circadian rhythm, which determines to a significant extent our way of life, focused in part on the position of natural light. In a time when we have to change time zones, he picks up the transformation and gradually begins to develop, but when it comes to the hands of the clock, no such changes do not occur, as a result, the person is many times more difficult to adjust to the new regime, especially for teenagers.

According to the researchers: "After you change the time of day, the dream of the students of various colleges on average, decreased for two hours from 8 to 6 hours, and such a regime had been in them for two weeks (at least). In many cases, these transformations were related to the fact that students were simply unable to fall asleep under the new regime in the necessary time for them, as the circadian rhythm due to a change of the mode of the day was in a state of complete chaos. This was clearly seen when studying the analysis of hormones secreted in the body. To distinguish the so-called group of hormones sleep could not 1 hour, and 2 and even 3 hours later than normal. As a rule, fails to produce the hormone melatonin, adversely affects the quality of sleep".

In the adult human, the changes are not as noticeable of these, only about 50 percent due to changes in time of day will have your night's sleep is reduced from 8 to 7 hours, while the rest of the specific problems with the circadian rhythm of the hands will not cause. As scientists say: "The man is older, the to him under such things easier to adjust. At the same time, after about two-three weeks to normal life will return to normal, however, for a given period of time may be caused substantial harm to the cardiovascular system.

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Also, during this period of time may significantly increase the risk of diabetes and long-term depression at the same time the human body will constantly experience hardships from lack of sleep. This period may even be declining slightly and brain activity, so that people will be somewhat retarded level of thinking. But that's the way to avoid all these negative phenomena, the researchers could not say.

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