Deformation of the foot may occur as a result of genetic predisposition

Some people believe that a lump near the big toe can be formed due to wearing uncomfortable shoes. Meanwhile, as shown by a study conducted by The Framingham Foot Study, the formation of this pathology is associated with heredity, according to BBC. Experts came to this conclusion after they had studied legs 1370 people. A correlation was found between the presence of such problems in humans and its relatives.

The obtained results have allowed scientists think that there is a genetic predisposition, and wearing uncomfortable shoes leads to aggravation of the situation. The main symptom of future pathology is that the thumb is more compared to other, resulting in the first metatarsal bone gets out.

The situation changes a foot form, and in addition, the leg begins to swell, ache, and becomes extremely sensitive. For a long time, this phenomenon was associated with wearing shoes with heels, but as it turned out, much more difficult.

During his research assistants examined the medical information obtained during the period 2002-2008. It turned out if the family before had such a deformation of the toes, the risk of developing pathology increased. Despite the fact that this interconnectedness was observed in both genders, women are still more likely to be susceptible to deformation feet. Scientists believe that this discovery will help to take preventive measures against this disease.

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