Deficiency of sunlight can kill - the scientists

Scientists from the University of California conducted a study, which found that the impact of sunlight on the human body. It turned out that the lack of natural light can kill.

The study consisted of a survey of 30 of thousands of volunteers and their further examination and observation. People filled out a questionnaire, answering questions about the frequency of exposure to the sun. Next, the researchers looked at the medical history of those volunteers that died during the observation (study lasted 20 years). In all there were 2545 cases.

The experts were able to establish that the lack of sunlight increases the risk of premature death. In some cases it was possible to trace a clear link between the lack of natural light and indicators of human health.

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Sunlight activates the formation of vitamin D in the body, it is necessary to maintain biorhythms. Note, bright direct rays negative factor contributing to the development of skin cancer and damage to the organ of vision.

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