Defeat diabetes will help the hormone

In the diabetes of the 1st and 2nd type can help hormone betatron - to such conclusion the American scientists.

Specialists Harvard stem cell Institute, made a discovery that has already attracted the attention of the producers of medicines. It was observed that during pregnancy in women increases insulin levels, and increase the number of beta-cells. Due to this observation were conducted experiments on mice. Studies have proved that hormone betatron responsible for the production of additional beta-cells.

The hormone increases 30 times the production of pancreatic beta-cells, which, in turn, stimulate the production in the body insulin when it is needed. This ensures that the natural regulation of insulin. The opening has a promising value in combating such a common disease as diabetes. Before the widespread use of a new method should take a few more years, but it is already clear that betatron will help to save diabetics from daily injections of insulin. Preparations on the basis of hormone butatriene is a pharmacy near future.

Doctors warn: just one can of soda per day increases by 22 percent risk of diabetes.

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