Declining health for a lifetime passive Smoking in childhood

The health risk for children, who in childhood had been exposed to tobacco smoke, stored not only in childhood, but in the future their lives, regardless of such factors is subsequently people to smoke or not.

Scientists have used information about 3 805 thousand Americans living in 1 655 thousand homes that participated in the research Tucson Epidemiological Study of Airway Obstructive Disease, which began in 1972, writes the online edition of componenta. Every 2 years up to 1996, the respondents filled in the questionnaire which included questions about their health status.

For today's research scientists selected information about 371 party (at the beginning of the time of observation they were kids) and analyzed the results of about, was if they had active asthma, wheezing, cough and chronic cough (the latter lasts about three months in a row).

Under the received information, the subjects were divided into 4 categories: never had complaints about the symptoms of the above diseases, who in childhood, but winning at least Dean's time in adult life, had successive symptoms (once in my childhood, at least, and never in adulthood), those who had the manifestation of disease in childhood and in later years of life.

The results showed that approximately 52.3% of children were simply forced to inhale the aroma of parental tobacco smoke since the day of its birth until 15 years of age. After you have taken into account gender, age, years of observation and personal addiction to tobacco, it was found that passive Smoking in childhood has a direct relationship with several stable respiratory symptoms, such as wheeze, cough, and cough chronic type.

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