Declared major inventions that changed the eating habits of a person

20 the most important discoveries that have changed the eating habits of mankind, have recently been announced by leading scientists in the UK. 45 experts from the Royal society has developed a list of the biggest discoveries in the history of eating and drinking, taking into account the following parameters: performance, availability, health, and aesthetics. And according to scientists, all inventions made during the last 350 years, was able to acquire considerable value in improving the quality of life and improve health.

14, 15 and 16 positions in the rating is vital for a person utensils for cooking - pan, knife, spoon.

2 of the 3 most important inventions of mankind in terms of the food industry were made in Britain. This artificial cold and tin.

Although pasteurized products first launched in France, modern science and innovations have made an enormous role in the life and food habits of people. For example, the same fridge that won the honorable 1st place in the list, allows for a long time to keep the products fresh. This means that people make their menu more varied and nutritious, using this achievement by the British.

Among the interesting inventions in the history of food and drink were: Cutlery and fishing nets, microwave and bottle stoppers, preservation and sterilization, baking and breeding, pasteurization and frying.

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