Deaths from failed abortions in India is shocking

Approximately 20 million women in India, are in grave risk, making abortions in unsuitable conditions, writes Time World. Blame the low level of life that people don't have the funds for contraceptives. Mortality in this country is extremely high.

According to D. sage, the representative of the Guttmacher Institute (USA), approximately 50% of spontaneous abortions are fatal. Although the process is not very difficult if it is done in sanitary conditions and experienced doctor.

On the territory of the Republic of India, this task is particularly difficult. The number of performed abortions in the past year simply appalling. The country held 620 472 abortion! But experts say that in fact this figure could be several times more and reach millions. The reason is that many operations on abortion is illegal.

Not all women in India go under the knife to get rid of a child caused by an extramarital relationship, in some cases, families will simply be unable to feed one person. The inhabitants of this Republic no money for contraception, and only pay for the services of doctors they are unavailable.

If we turn to the statistical data, we can see that as a result of failed transactions by abortion every couple of hours, one woman dies, says The Hindu.

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Also one of the reasons the "underground" of abortion is that an illegitimate child is equal, almost to the crime. This is the mentality of the Republic of India. In the list of reasons you can enable and uneducated people. As it turned out the most part aware that there was a means of contraception, but how to use them they don't know.

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