Death raccoons sheds light on the mysteries of cancer

Often, malignant tumors begin to develop due to an infection in an organism viruses. In this case, there are many unclear, but perhaps the death of the raccoons will help to bring some clarity to the mysteries of cancer.

A number of viruses, penetrating into the cells of the human body, causing their mutation. A classic example is the papillomavirus, which, according to scientists, is the main cause of cancer of the uterine cervix, as well as showed the last researches, the cause of malignant tumors of the oral cavity and larynx.

Therefore, these viruses was given the title of oncogenic. Their complete list is still unknown, as it is unknown exactly their impact on the body's cells.

But the strange death of the twelve raccoons have enabled scientists from the United States to install some features of oncogenic viruses.

The oddity of this case is that, despite the fact that many animals are susceptible to cancer, and malignant neoplasms in the raccoons are very rare.

Therefore, scientists from the University of California at Davis were very surprised, coming in a few months, reports of found dead raccoons.

Autopsy raccoons showed that they all died from malignant tumors in the brain. According to the pathologist from veterinary school at the University of California at Davis Patricia Pesavento, the fact of detection, for example, three raccoons, malignant tumors, is sensational, but in this case we are talking about the twelve raccoons who died from the same cancer for several months.

Analysis of tissues of dead raccoons showed that they all died from a new and unknown form of polyomavirus, which provoked the development of tumors. This new type of virus called "polyomavirus raccoons".

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To convince Patricia Pesavento, the discovery of American scientists is very important because it provides additional information on brain tumors in humans, since there are types of polyomaviruses that can affect the human body.

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