Deal with food addiction is no less difficult than with Smoking

Some products in regular use may provoke the development of an addiction, like drugs or alcohol. To such a disappointing conclusion scientists from the United States cited the relevant studies.

According to experts, the number of components included in these products impact on certain areas of the brain. The result of this impact is the formation of food addiction, the development of which the person may not notice.

Get rid like thrust of a patient without adequate medical help, just not able to. The rejection of the use of such foods is accompanied by a haunting feeling of discomfort, and in some cases, causes symptoms similar to narcotic withdrawal.

Leaders in the list of products that encourage the development of dependency, are: pizza, chocolate, burgers and ice cream. Due to the presence in their formulation of sweet and salty components, the voluntary renunciation of their use is very, very difficult.

Scientists insist that the use of some of these products stands to give up completely, and urge people to pay more attention to how much and what they eat, because it most directly affect the health and quality of life in General.

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