Deadly Ebola struck the southern Guinea

According to the latest data from February 9 fixed 80 cases of infection with Ebola virus, 59 people died, among the dead were three children. To date, the epidemic focus is the southern Guinea. In the dangerous situation of the inhabitants of entire cities and provinces. Into the hands of the disease is the fact that the structure of health care in the region is poorly developed.

The Ebola virus is one of the worst infections. 90% of cases of viral infection ends lethal. The virus easily spreads by contact infect a healthy person with 95% probability. The first case of an epidemic, scientists have registered in Sudan and Zaire in the 70-ies. Of the nearly three hundred infected killed 151 people. In Russia, no cases of infection were not.

The virus enters the human body with blood and other biological fluids. In a short time the patient develops increased bleeding. Bodies resemble a sieve, from which oozes blood. Vaccine virus does not exist. The majority of patients without medical supervision dies two weeks later.

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