Daytime sleepiness can be a symptom of Alzheimer's disease

Already noticed a long time that chronic sleep deprivation leads to some semblance of "mental fog". This term is a condition in which people can not concentrate on their jobs. But the "mental fog" is not the only consequence of lack of sleep.

American specialists from the clinic in Massachusetts conducted a study, participants were 80 people in the age group 66-87 years. All participants slept well and had a strong memory and great response. Study participants answered questions related to the quality of their sleep, as well as a preferred pastime. In addition, the researchers asked the elderly, as a last feel during the day and tends not do them constantly to sleep during the day.

After receiving the data, the experts conducted a scan of participants using computed tomography. In the result, it became clear that those study participants that the questionnaire complained about his low tone, had problems with coordination of movements, and were more scattered. It should be noted that drowsiness does not necessarily mean that people are prone to development of Alzheimer's disease. First of all, drowsiness is a warning for people in old age. In any case, scholars argue that low intelligence is a result of bad quality of sleep, because sleep makes the brain more efficient.

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