Daytime sleep increases the risk of premature death - scientists

Some like to dilute busy day sleep in the afternoon. However, scientists believe that it is better to sleep at night. NAPs shortens life and increases the risk of premature death, writes The Times of India.

Scientists from Cambridge University in the UK conducted a study involving 16 thousand people. Each was surveyed for the presence of habit to sleep during the day. In the study, scientists observed the people for 13 years.

It turned out that daytime sleep is not as useful as many people think. Aged 40-79 years, people with the habit have a 14% greater chance of early death than those who does not sleep during the day.

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Interestingly, daytime sleep more hours per day increased the risk by 32%. The main reason for the amazing phenomenon yet to be determined. Studied, not all factors that affect a person during daytime sleep.

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