Day without abortion in Kamchatka

Doctors Kamchatskiy Krai refused to participate in the first summer day on the calendar operations abortion, known as the international celebration of children's Day. According to Interfax, June 1, Kamchatka declared a Day without abortion.

The press service of the Kamchatka region, it was reported that the initiative of this campaign, found the response of the medical institutions of assisted births, came from the public movement "Parent meeting", advocating for the protection of the rights of children and parents, and the Ministry of health of the Kamchatka region.

Abbot Peter, holding the post of rector of the Russian Orthodox University, spoke clearly on this issue, calling the hypocrisy of abortion on the feast of the protection of children. He advocated the official ban abortion on 1 June.

In conversation with a representative of RIA Novosti Abbot Peter urged, can influence what is happening in the country, at least one day a year to prevent the killing of children by introducing a moratorium on infanticide.

Children's day to be one of the oldest holidays. The decision to establish the celebration of childhood was made in 1949 in France at the Congress of the International democratic Federation of women.

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