Date of end of the world became known to scientists

Life on Earth has left very little time if we consider it from the point of view of space objects. Scientists have calculated that the last of the animals and plants will disappear from the face of the planet for a billion years. It may seem surprising, but the end for all life comes from a lack of carbon dioxide, but not too much. At the moment specialists around the world solve the problem of increasing levels of greenhouse gases to prevent global warming. And in the future, the lack of these gases will be a fatal event for life on Earth.

As the Sun will increase in size and increase its temperature, which will result in increased chemical reactions in rainwater, which will absorb more carbon dioxide than at this moment. Over the next billion years, its concentration in the atmosphere will become so small that the plants will not be able to support the process of photosynthesis, which is for them a source of energy. When this happens life on Earth the mill is no longer possible. With the disappearance of plants will become extinct herbivores, and followed them up the food chain and predators. Finally on the planet will only microorganisms that will last another billion years until, until completely dry up the oceans.

This gloomy forecast was given at the National conference of astronomers Jack O'malley-James, astrobiolog from the University of St. Andrews. These predictions of the researcher were based on the results of computer simulation of long-term changes in the Sun affect the Earth.

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